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Skye: First of all I love, love, love your song "Bring Me." It has that James Bond opening credits type feel. So if you get a call from their production company, I'm just saying.

Skye: What brought you to Who’s Next? 

Ve3lle: A friend of mine introduced me to the website. I love that it’s a website not 

only being fan-driven but able to get exposure to professionals in the music 


Skye: Do you find this platform beneficial and if so, how?
Ve3lle: It’s an insightful platform that helps me understand my fans. I like being able 

to discover new artists, and it’s inspiring. 

Skye: Tell the world a little more about you as an artist? 

Ve3lle: I am a San Diego native. I’m the youngest of four in Latinx family. I grew up 

with punk rock and R&B. Those are my genres. I spelled my name to include Elle 

meaning light. The number three in my name stands for creativity. My name is 

the best reflection of me as an artist. I want to be an artist that lights up a 

person’s day. 

Skye: Who are your biggest inspirations? 

Ve3lle: My family's good and nightmarish experiences are one of my inspirations. I’m 

influenced by lyricists like Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20, Billy Joe Armstrong 

from Green Day, and many others. These great vocalists are part of my 

inspiration: Amy Winehouse, Kelly Clarkson, Lauryn Hill, and Avril Lavigne.

Courtesy of Ve3lle

Skye: Are you currently working on anything new? 

Ve3lle: Yes, I’m currently working on my mix-tape. I’m currently recording many 

songs. I’m constantly just working on my skills.

Skye: How do you plan to close out 2020 and bring in 2021? 

Ve3lle: I'll be done with three songs. I've self-reflected for the majority of this year 

and worked on songs. I’m focusing on music and spending time with family. 

Skye: If you could work with any artist who would it be? 

Ve3lle: I would love to work with Logic or Machine Gun Kelley. It’s probably not what 

you were expecting, right. I would love to do a pop/ rap duo. 

Skye: Describe your ideal venue to perform at and why. 

Ve3lle: I want to perform at a place with great acoustics and a historic location. I 

want to be able to interact with a big audience without being too far removed. I 

want a venue that has great disability accessibility. I want concert venues that 

are safe to attend again. 

Skye: Okay, now its time to choose a side: Pineapples 1. Sweet or 2. Sour 

Ve3lle: I’m both. I won’t choose a side. I’m sour and want to make a statement. I give 

a punch with a sweet aftertaste emotionally as an artist. 

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